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"I think this is a truly awesome book idea! I like it on many different levels! There is something so appealing to us (to both men and women) about seeing these outward glimpses of what are often hidden truths! What a joy for us to see empowered women with our deeper truer eyes!

What is so special about these "painted women" is that in these images we have a exceptionally powerful merging of other bits of magic we already recognize as being powerful in their own right! With just a bit of paint skillfully applied to a woman's skin coupled with symbols we already recognize as having rich meaning it somehow transcends any other magic used alone!

Just looking at this one beautiful, powerful, photo, it touches within me multiple primordial energy
flows! Of course there is a beautiful woman with natural aesthetic beauty! Yes of course there is instinctive desire, but beautiful women are really not that

rare! No something tells us that this is something different, there is much more here than our typical conditioned responses to beauty! Something is special here, there is real depth here! We can see that this woman has the sparkle of spiritual mysteries in her eyes! The beauty of the paint immediately makes us wonder about the identity of some highly skilled artist? The choices of symbology speaks of ancient esoteric knowledge! The woman's expression is gently stoic yet ever so slightly bemused! This look hints at feminine wisdom far beyond her years!

Everything about this makes people want to know more, even if it only
through the pages of a book, we want to get closer!"

- Steve Ivy

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